Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

OVCODE is a place for vital and trusted information. We help you verify, publish, and permanently store your life’s trusted data using two core technologies: blockchain and permanent storage. Both of which synergize audit and proof of existence for the all the data you own and receive.
Meaning, all the files you save in OVCODE is always verifiable and permanent.
Yes, OVCODE is FREE. You only need to pay when you apply for a verified account or add more storage.
  • If you are a verified account, the account is yours forever
  • You can publish important files to the OVCODE blockchain and permanently store them in the vault under your name
  • You can also receive and register any item
It is important to verify that the publisher is really you. The OVCODE team will have to identify thoroughly through a multi-step verification process that requires human resource and system cost.
OVCODE is a patented technology that integrates blockchain to digital signature, cryptography and permanent storage.
OVCODE’s patented zero cycle latency algorithms assures security, accuracy and immutability of data published into the OVCODE Blockchain network. OVCODE’s foundation is to provide tools for integrity, trust and insight for all the data you own and receive.
To verify existence of data, every single hash has an equivalent entry to the permanent storage assuring integrity of data published to the blockchain. Both entries in the blockchain and permanent storage is an audit and proof of existence and integrity, thus, building trusted data.
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  2. Registration No. 4/2017/00006317 (Philippines)
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  5. OVCODE Global WIPO PCT, Geneva Switzerland – patent reservation date for 155 Countries globally
  6. One-click Patent – Method of Conducting a Workflow in an Electronic Transaction Platform System with Payment Distribution (Philippines)
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In the dawn of the Information Age, the Internet was invented. Streams of data from the World Wide Web resulted to a global data surge creating the need for search engines.
Online news, social media, and mobile phones is creating an even greater accumulation of data never seen in all of history, but this is also creating an ever widening problem of data trust.
Data trust is further eroded during digital transformation, as there exist problematic gaps. The gap starts upon inception of data, to dissemination, and even till storage. Within these gaps, data can easily be hacked and compromised.
We saw the need for an engine that can verify integrity of data at source and should be immutable.
A global verification engine to rebuild data trust.
OVCODE is a verification engine. OVCODE verifies authenticity, reliability, and integrity of data using Blockchain technology.
OVCODE’s aims to shape the future of trustless verification using blockchain technology. OVCODE is developer centric enabling individuals, corporations, institutions, and governments to easily upgrade existing systems to be blockchain enabled.
The OVCODE infrastructure design is Artificial Intelligence enabled. OVCODE’s foundation is to provide tools for integrity, trust, and insight for all the data you own and receive.
We envision a world where everything is verifiable, physical or digital, on OVCODE. Where there are no more fakes, corruptible data, and everything is auditable. Where basic human transaction is fast and easy. We strive to bring TRUST to the world for everyone’s protection.
Our vision is to verify the world’s information in one-click.
Our mission is to fuel the future of verification and build trust.